Monday, March 05, 2007

Preparing for Glory!

Recommended Viewing: 300 Trailer


This movie seems destined to blow my mind. If you don’t know, the upcoming movie 300 is an adaptation of the Frank Miller’s graphic novel inspired by the battle of Thermopylae. It was written thousands of years ago by the historian Herodotus that it was there 300 Spartans made a stand against two million Persians. It’s arguable that because of the battle the ideals of democracy and freedom were allowed to stay alive rather die soon after their inception. So yeah, the movie might not be so “historically accurate,” but how many “historical epics” are? It’s been a while since I’ve eagerly awaited a movie with this much anticipation.
“Good. Then we’ll have our battle in the shade.”
Movie of the Moment: 300

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