Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Got Hit by a Tree…

The tree that tried to kill meTimber! Hmm… maybe I better start from the beginning. I was walking up to the PX last Thursday, navel-gazing after a rather rough exam day along the way. The thought of grades and having to buy, shave, and shape new berets kept me from paying attention to the sound of cracking wood about five feet away. In fact, it took an Airman, who was well into his beers, yelling “Oh shit!” to bring my attention to a 25 ft. tall tree, about 5 ft. away, falling in my direction. I instantly started running up hill, the only direction I could run in an attempt to avoid the pine tree. I managed to get out from under the trunk but felt something blunt hit me across the back of the head. The force of the blow from a branch (which I'm told was the thickness of a leg) forced me to stagger and fall to a knee. I began wondering if my Army life insurance would cover something like this when I heard the footsteps of two Airmen, with beers in hand, run down, asking if I was alright. I was going to be damned if I was going to let some Air Force monkeys help me, so I stood up, thanked them for their concern, and went on my way.

I got the berets I needed and was paying for them at the register when the thought that it might be a good idea to tell the manager ringing me up that there was a decent-sized tree obstructing the walk way up to the store. I told her about the fallen tree and she was skeptical in asking how I knew. I replied that it kind of fell on me and got to stay for the police so that I could explain what happened as a thanks for informing them. At first the officer was also skeptical until I showed him the tree, the pieces of bark stuck in the back of my head, and one of the Airmen who saw the damned thing come down. The officer insisted I go with the ambulance up to the civilian hospital to get checked out. I got out around 8 PM after an hour or two of waiting to be told I was alright. I came out with a couple cuts and bruises to the back of the head. Two weeks ago some guy in nearby Pacific Grove died when a pine tree fell on him. I guess I’m lucky, but forgive me when I laugh hysterically about my experience.
Song of the Moment: “King Nothing” by Metallica


Ian said...

Don't let any more trees push you around now.

Boris von Bisamrck said...

Ha Ha Ha! Won't let the Air Force help you. You should go for a rare Army Air Corps, it they exist.