Saturday, August 30, 2008

Drunk Texting Craziness

I love how text messages on the iPhone are displayed much like an instant messaging program. Here are some drunk texts from last night...
JOE: Whr u at?
ME: Rock bar!
ME: What aboufht you,
JOE: Hip hop. Whats tqere?
ME: I let Gould tedlct drunk!
JOE: ?
ME: Whwtavoght DS Barragan?
JOE: Whr r u?
JOE: Whr r u?
JOE: Im outside of grahms. Help me
ME: Gfl, con ebtt
ME: No,, clue!
JOE: What?
JOE: ? Fukr
ME: Wherees agos?
JOE: ? Fukr. Gng home. Had f un. Laters

ME: Who is this?
GIRL: My name is ((blank))
ME: Sirryz. Nwew phone.
GIRL: Oh no problem
ME: Sorry. You're the hottest girl in the platoon. Ok no supposed to let you know that.
GIRL: That does not really say to much petersen ha
ME: I know.
GIRL: Ha so you are being mean then
ME: Nah, have fun tonight!
GIRL: Ha you too
ME: Stop tecmintingng me and have some fun!
GIRL: I'm having'! Fun. This is your night.
ME: More of yours!!!

ME: Buzzed
ME: Yeah buddy.
ROB: Lol
ROB: Unforgiven 3. Album premiers on 4 sept on xm 50
ME: I'm a Metalica fan! Keep Rawkin' hard!.
ROB: Word!
ME: Yeah buddy!
ME: He'll Yeah!
ROB: Goin to bed. Laterz bro
ME: Laterz., maama?
ME: Gpddannit, girl!
ME: Youvevgpt it off base!
ME: Whatreypy up to?
ME: Upte UPI hottttt to be dumpedd ?222333;3pefef!?????
ME: Drynki!

Yeah, I really couldn't have made that up on my own. I should stop drinking with Joe. I have a tendency to do stupid shit like this when I'm hanging out with him. I still feel a little drunk.

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