Sunday, September 28, 2008

“Armydillos” and Other Idiocy

I don’t remember the last time I had a normal weekend. It’s been one thing after another every week for at least a month. I’d like something routine… something normal for a change soon.

Went to B Dub’s on Thursday with a couple of the guys from class and ate way too much. Jack coincidentally was one of the Buffalo Wild Wings down in Atlanta at the same time. I miss Atlanta.

Friday marked my first paintball outing, which went relatively well despite the thorns, poor vegetation, and welts. We had this one guy dress up like he was some SAS trooper like in CoD4, only to have him be one of the first to quit playing after he learned that his shirt seemed to be a thorn and briar magnet on the course.

Saturday saw me getting up ass early (for a weekend) for the “Armydillo” fun run. “Armydillo.” I wonder which idiot came up with that name. I shelled out the money to run rather than volunteer with the event since it offered the earlier exit. All I had to do is run two miles while carrying a stick with a blue cloth on top.

I bought a magazine for the first time in years. It was the most recent issue of Guitar World, with interviews with James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett. After years of reading almost exclusively from computer screens, it was almost refreshing to sit down in a waiting room and read text from an actual piece of paper.

I went and visited Cat on Saturday night. She reminds me of something... what pretty’s like? My past? I’m not entirely sure. I’m not entirely sure if I care enough.

They tried to give my Designated Mormon an alcoholic drink last night. The waitress must’ve thought she heard “with Coke” as opposed to just “Coke” when she took his order.

Double Dave’s today with a couple of my classmates was fun, though I’m going to have limit these lunches and dinners at buffets to once a week. Texas is making me fat.
Song of the Moment: "The Unforgiven III" by Metallica

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